Quality control

Quality Control

We take utmost care to ensure the high quality of raw vegetables and dehydrated vegetables. All our products go through strict quality checks. Quality is a source of inspiration, Satisfaction and Pride. We are committed to customer's satisfaction through hygiene quality andconsistent timely supply of our products.

Quality at Panchvati implies producing safe and hygiene food products by adopting environment friendly manufacturing process which preserves natural ingredients. Quality of a product is always gained by the combination of several important factors from procuring the right Raw material, Storing, Packing of Finished Products, Storing of the Finished Goods and Dispatch for which we pay special attention to these factors adopting Good Manufacturing Practice.

From the processing of raw materials through manufacturing to packaging, Panchvati Foods strives to make sure that the most demanding hygienic standards are complied with. Panchvati have sophisticated raw material storage and cold storage facilities. We also conduct periodical tests in Government approved external laboratories.

Quality Policy

We have the state of the art manufacturing and packing plant. Top quality vegetables are selected for export and dehydrated foods. Selected high quality products undergo a series of processes like chopping, mincing, grinding and so on. We have special machines which play a major role in keeping the original taste of the product. We follow high level of hygiene, best industry practices and a very strict quality checking procedures. Quality checks are done at various stages and then packed in stay fresh containers. We have a very well maintained ware houses, cold storage facilities for onion and garlic to prevent deterioration.

Why Panchvati exports

Panchvati Export supplies high quality foods which are tested with various parameters and has passed various quality tests. We have a very good distribution network and logistic support. We are always for timely delivery.

  • We provide high quality products
  • We have a team of experienced workforce
  • We have a very good ware housing facility
  • We have strong logistic support
  • We offer a very competitive pricing
  • We have a wide distribution network
  • Timely delivery

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